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Sub-Zero crisper drawer humidity

What Are The Ideal Moisture Settings in Sub-Zero Crisper Drawers?

The precise control of Sub-Zero refrigerator storage is a hallmark of the brand. But what are the correct moisture settings in Sub-Zero crisper drawers to maximize their storage capabilities? One drawer should be kept at a low humidity level, while the other should be set higher. Learn the right Sub-Zero crisper drawer humidity levels to best preserve specific produce and take advantage of your refrigerator’s superior function.

Maintaining & Troubleshooting Moisture Settings in Sub-Zero Crisper Drawers

While the right moisture settings in Sub-Zero crisper drawers can elongate the life of produce, little problems may arise that compromise their lifespan. We’ll troubleshoot some common crisper drawer concerns to ensure that fruits and vegetables stay fresh. But, first, here’s how to set and adjust your drawer settings for maximum effectiveness.

Optimal Settings for Your Sub-Zero Crisper Drawers

Certain types of produce benefit from specific humidity levels that help them stay fresh. Green leafy vegetables that are prone to wilting are best preserved in humid environments that maintain crispness. Fruits given to softening and rotting last longer when stored at low humidity levels. Consequently, the optimal moisture settings in Sub-Zero crisper drawers include one at a high humidity setting and the other on a low setting.

How to Adjust the Moisture Settings

To adjust the moisture settings in Sub-Zero crisper drawers simply move the drawer’s slide up or down. Moving the slide up closes the drawer’s vent, restricting air circulation and creating a more humid environment. Moving the slide down opens the vent, increasing air circulation and lessening the drawer’s humidity.

Image Credit: Sub-Zero

What to Do About Condensation in Your Refrigerator Crisper Drawer

Excessive moisture in refrigerator crisper drawers is often evidenced by condensation. Opening the drawer’s vent can reduce humidity and condensation levels. However, if the condensation remains, it may be caused by other issues.

The following circumstances can create condensation in Sub-Zero refrigerator drawers:

  • Refrigerator door was left open: The mixing of room temperature air and the refrigerator’s cooler air creates condensation if the doors are open for too long. When retrieving items, open the doors for as short a time as possible and make sure they’re completely closed after each use.
  • Damaged or dirty door gasket: If the gasket has holes or cracks, warm air can enter and create condensation. A damaged gasket should be professionally replaced. However, a dirty gasket can be wiped clean with a damp cloth to restore its function. These cleanings should be a regular part of Sub-Zero refrigerator maintenance
  • Ice or water buildup: Condensation in Sub-Zero refrigerator drawers can also be caused by a buildup of ice, water or debris along the back wall. Take out the crisper drawers and remove any buildup to quickly reduce the condensation. 
  • Clogged drain tube: This buildup of debris is most likely due to a clogged drain tube. Refer to your user manual to determine how to access and clear the tube’s blockage in your model refrigerator.

How to Keep Food From Freezing in Sub-Zero Crisper Drawers

Why is food freezing in crisper drawer even when it’s set correctly? This common problem is typically due to a temperature or airflow issue.

Here’s how to troubleshoot frozen food in crisper drawers:

  • Refrigerator temperature is too high: If the internal temperature is set above 35℉, the crisper drawer fans may run continuously to maintain a lower temperature. This continuous operation can make the drawer temperature too low, freezing food. To avoid excessive use of the drawer fans, make sure the refrigerator’s temperature is set at 34℉.
  • Doors were left open: Leaving refrigerator doors open for long periods of time can also create a warmer internal temperature, causing the drawer fans to continuously run. Always ensure doors are properly closed after opening.
  • Dirty condenser coils: Dirty condenser coils can restrict airflow within the refrigerator, creating excessively cold temperatures in crisper drawers. Cleaning the condenser coils annually can prevent this problem. Refer to your user manual to determine how to clean refrigerator coils in your particular model. Most are accessed behind an upper grille and easily vacuumed with a brush attachment.

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