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sub zero error codes

Sub-Zero Refrigerator Error Codes: How to Troubleshoot

If you are experiencing problems with your Sub-Zero refrigerator, you may see one of several error codes displayed on the LED screen. Sub Zero error codes can help you troubleshoot the problem and fix it quickly.

Understanding Sub-Zero Symbols & Error Codes

The first step in troubleshooting your Sub-Zero refrigerator is to understand the symbols that may be displayed. These symbols can help you understand the status of your refrigerator and take action accordingly. Here are some of the most common symbols that you may see on your Sub Zero refrigerator:

Sub-Zero Refrigerator Symbols

  • A symbol of a wrench will appear when there is a problem with the ice maker, temperature, or the condenser coils need to be cleaned.
  • An ice cube will appear while the ice maker system is on.
  • Multiple ice cubes indicated that the “Max Ice” feature is activated.
  • A bell will illuminate when the door alarm is on, and it will flash when the door alarm is on and the door is left slightly open.
  • A symbol of air flowing through a filter will light up when the air purification system is running or it will flash when the cartridge needs to be replaced. Press and hold the “Pure Air” button for five seconds to reset it.
  • Water dripping through a filter indicates that the water filter needs to be replaced.
sub zero refrigerator symbols
Photo Courtesy of Sub Zero

Most Common Sub-Zero Error Codes

In addition to symbols, your Sub-Zero refrigerator may also display error codes on the LED display. These codes can help you identify the problem and determine the best course of action to fix it.

Sub-Zero Series 600 Error Codes

Error Code 40 indicates that the freezer compressor has been running excessively.

Solution: First check that the door isn’t ajar. If it is, press and hold the door ajar button for 15 seconds to clear the code. If there’s not a door ajar button, unplug the unit for 30 seconds. If the error code returns, you may need to clean the condenser coils.

Error Code 24 appears when the defrost system isn’t heating enough to melt the frost on the evaporator or condenser coils.

Solution: Try to clear the error code by first ensuring a door isn’t ajar, then hold down the door ajar button or unplug the unit for 30 seconds to reset it. If the code comes back, check to see if temperatures are close to normal. If temperatures are too high, Sub Zero recommends calling for Factory Certified service.

Error Code 30 indicates the ice maker water valve is being activated excessively.

Solution: In other words, there may be a jammed ice cube, so check for any blockages and see if the error code goes away. If it does not, contact a repair technician.

600 Series Error Code 40 is activated when the refrigerator compressor is running more than normal.

Solution: Check for a door ajar, and clear the code by holding down the door ajar button or unplugging the unit for 30 seconds and then plugging it back in. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, clean the condenser or contact a Factory Certified technician.

Sub-Zero Series 700 Error Codes

Error Code 40 indicates that the freezer compressor has been operating for an extended period of time.

Solution: Check to see whether the door is open. If there’s a problem with the door, push and hold the door ajar button for 15 seconds to erase the code. Unplugging the device for 30 seconds if no door ajar button is available might be required.

If neither of these steps works, make sure the kickplate isn’t covered by a toe kick or cabinetry.

Error Code 24 indicates the temperature is preventing the system from melting frost on the condenser or evaporator.

Solution: If the temperature is high, call for service, however, if temperatures are close to normal, clean the condenser. If the code comes back or the temperature rises, contact a professional for repair.

Error Code 30 will be activated if the ice maker turns off due to the water valve running excessively.

Solution: This is usually caused by an ice cube that is stuck or another blockage. Clear any blockages, and call a professional if the error code doesn’t go away.

Error Code 22 will appear when there is an issue with the wiring at defrost start detected.

Solution: Contact a Factory Certified Service for diagnosis and repair.

By following these troubleshooting tips, you should be able to identify and troubleshoot Sub-Zero refrigerator error codes with ease. If your Sub Zero refrigerator requires more attention, contact the Factory Certified repair experts at Blue Sky Appliances today!