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Wolf convection oven vs convection steam oven

Wolf Convection Oven vs Convection Steam Oven: What’s the Difference?

High-end ovens like Wolf can offer multiple cooking methods, even combining them for an optimal and nuanced range of capabilities. What’s the difference between Wolf convection and convection steam ovens? Convection ovens circulate the hot air while convection steam models combine this function with steam cooking. Learn how a Wolf convection oven vs convection steam oven compares to make the right choice for your cooking needs and preferences.

Comparing and Contrasting a Wolf Convection Oven vs Convection Steam Oven

When choosing between these two high-quality ovens it’s hard to make a wrong decision. Instead, the best choice is the one that best suits your cooking styles and tastes. Before we compare a Wolf convection oven vs convection steam oven, here are some details about each to help inform your decision.

what is a convection steam oven
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#1. What are Wolf Convection Ovens?

Like other convection models, Wolf convection ovens use a fan to circulate the oven’s heated air. Circulating the air not only creates a more steady, even heat, it also results in faster cook times and improved browning. Unlike other convection designs, Wolf convection ovens use two fans for the utmost in speed and even browning.

When should you use a convection oven? Items that benefit from browning and/or a crispy exterior are enhanced by convection cooking. This includes larger pieces of meat like beef roasts, whole chicken, and turkey. It’s alo ideal for baking cookies, bread, and pastries that are improved by a crisp, golden exterior. However, more delicate baked goods like cakes,  soufflé, and puddings benefit from a slower, more moist heat. These foods are best cooked in standard or steam ovens.

#2. What are Wolf Convection Steam Ovens?

What is a convection steam oven? These ovens combine convection and steam cooking options in one unit. Instead of using heated air to cook food, steam ovens heat water until it converts to steam. The heated steam is then released into the oven’s cavity to cook food. Steam not only helps food retain moisture but vitamins and minerals as well, eliminating the need for butter or oil while preserving nutrients. 

What do you use a steam oven for? While this method is ideal for fish, vegetables, and delicate baking, it can’t provide the speed and browning of convection cooking. This is what makes a convection steam oven an attractive option. By combining the speed, consistency, and browning of convection cooking with the more moist, gentle heat of steam, the oven’s cooking capabilities are maximized.

#3. What’s the Difference Between Convection vs Convection Steam Ovens?

A Wolf convection oven vs convection steam oven offers solely convection cooking capabilities with no steam cooking option. However, it’s important to be aware of additional differences between these ovens when choosing between the two.

Consider these differences between convection and convection steam ovens:

  • Price: A Wolf convection steam oven is considerably more expensive than a convection model, with prices starting at roughly $5,500.
  • Versatility: While convection ovens are excellent for fast cooking and even browning, they aren’t ideal for more delicate baking. A convection steam oven combines both convection and steam cooking for a wider range of cooking options and benefits.
  • Healthy cooking:  Convection cooking still requires the use of butter or oil to enhance browning and flavor in its dry heat. Convection steam ovens don’t require these fats and the more moist air better helps food retain its nutrients.

While knowing the differences between a wolf convection oven vs convection steam oven can inform your purchase, it can’t always prevent repairs. When you need a professional assessment, contact Blue Sky Appliance Service for a wide range of Wolf oven services.