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wolf oven settings

Wolf Oven Settings – Take Your Cooking to the Next Level

Wolf ovens are renowned for their versatility and cooking performance. By understanding how to use the different Wolf oven settings, you can take your cooking to the next level.

Which Wolf Oven Setting Should I Use? 

Each Wolf oven setting is designed for a specific type of cooking, so it’s important to understand how each one works to get the most out of your oven.

For example, the bake mode is ideal for baking cakes, cookies, and other similar foods. The roast mode is perfect for roasting meats and vegetables, while the broil mode is suitable for browning and crisping food.

Bake Vs. Roast 

When baking, all the heating elements are used for all-over cooking, and roasting also uses all heating elements but at higher temperatures. Baking and roasting are both dry heat methods of cooking that use hot air to circulate around food, cooking it evenly on all sides. So, which setting should you use? It depends on what you’re making. 


Bake mode is the most traditional oven setting. It uses lower temperatures for all-over cooking, preserving moisture and making it the preferred method for casseroles, pasta dishes, or baked goods like cookies, cakes, and bread. 


Roasting is the best way to cook if you want to slowly develop the flavor while crisping the outside of the food. As the name suggests, pot roast is a perfect example of what to cook in this mode. 


Broil mode is an alternative to grilling outside, and it uses intense heat to cook the perfect steak, chicken skewers, or burgers. The top rack is used in this mode, and food finishes cooking quickly, so keep an eye on your food.

Make the Perfect Pizza With Wolf’s Bake Stone

When you’re in the mood for a slice of pizza (or two), choosing the proper cooking method is important to ensure that your pizza is perfectly cooked.

wolf pizza stone
Image courtesy of Sub-Zero Wolf

Wolf ovens offer a Pizza mode specifically designed for making authentic pizzas. This mode, combined with the bake stone kit, uses top and bottom heating elements to create evenly cooked crusts with just the right amount of char. The stone helps to create an authentic pizzeria-style pizza.

Wolf Proof Mode is Perfect for Bread

Instead of waiting hours for bread to rise at room temperature, Wolf has created Proof Mode. It uses gentle heat to help make the perfect loaf of bread. Wolf suggests using this mode when proofing bread for the second time. 

Make Healthy Snacks with Wolf Dehydrate Mode

Dehydrate mode is great to use when you’re in the mood for some healthy snacks or just want to save some money. Convection fans circulate heat to create a dry atmosphere to customize your favorite dried fruit or meat snacks in the comfort of your home. 

Wolf Oven Setting To Use When You’re Not Sure

Wolf’s convection mode is a versatile way to cook things at a 25% faster rate. When you’re unsure which Wolf oven setting to use, convection mode gives you a reliable option to cook just about anything.

Self-Clean Mode

You’ll want to give your Wolf oven a good clean when all your cooking is done. Select the self-clean cycle and let the oven do its thing. The high temperatures will break down any food residue, making it easy to wipe away. And because the self-clean cycle cleans the entire oven, including the racks, you won’t have to worry about missed spots or stubborn stains.

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