Impersonation Warning: Some of our competitors are imitating our name & website in an attempt to confuse our clients.

Impersonation Warning Details

NOTICE: Please make sure that you verify our website address when you schedule service. The following website is attempting to pass as Blue Sky Appliance Service:





The impersonator company has stolen our name and altered the website address slightly (replacing ‘service’ with ‘repair’ and using .us instead of .com) to deceive our customers. This company is an impersonator and not a Sub-Zero Certified Service Provider. It is not factory authorized to service Sub-Zero appliances. Hiring them for service may lead to irreparable appliance damage — using unauthorized parts and service will void your warranty. Blue Sky Appliance Service is the only Sub-Zero Factory Authorized Service Provider in your area.

Please call Sub-Zero or use their Service Locator for your safety. These tools will lead you back to our legitimate website to verify authenticity of our company as your warranty provider.