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Wolf Maintenance Plans

Protect your appliances with our maintenance plans.

Blue Sky Appliance Service offers annual maintenance plans to keep your Wolf appliances in excellent working condition.

Schedule Wolf Maintenance

Don’t settle for less-than-perfect cooking precision with your Wolf oven or range. Over time, wear and tear can impact its flawless performance, from clogged burners to worn heating elements.

That’s why we offer the Wolf Maintenance Plan – an annual maintenance program designed to keep your Wolf cooking appliances running like new. From calibration to issue prevention, we make sure your investment is in good hands.

Factory Certified for Your Peace of Mind

Our Factory Certified technicians will perform comprehensive maintenance services that include a thorough inspection, cleaning, and calibration of all critical components.

To schedule an appointment, please call (833) 690-0620 or schedule online. 

Oven Maintenance Plan

Plan Includes:
Items sold separately: